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The latest duo from the JVC stable come with all the bells and whistles to bring your home-theatre to life!

JVC has announced two new projectors
as part of its D-ILA 4K Laser projection Series, with the DLA-NZ900BE and DLA-NZ800BE joining a stacked lineup of World's 1st Five-Star Projectors.

Third-Generation 4K D-ILA Chipset

These 8K capable Home Cinema Projectors feature JVC's Latest Proprietary projection Tech including a new Third-Generation 4K D-ILA Chipset that's claimed to achieve 1.5 times Higher Native Contrast compared to a traditional projector. In fact, JVC claims that the DLA-NZ9OOBE has a contrast Ratio of 150,000:1 compared to the Five-Star DLA-NZ9's 100,000:1. The DLA-NZ800BE features a slightly lower 100,000:1 Contrast ratio, which is the same as the aforementioned DLA-NZ9BE.

BLU-Escent Laser Light Engine

JVC has also equipping these units with its BLU-Escent Laser Light Engine which is set to deliver Enhanced Luminosity and Brightness. This system uses a Blue Laser Diode as a light source which will deliver a claimed 3300 Lumens on the DLA-NZ900BE or 2700 Lumens on the DLA-NZ800BE, with a reported Lifespan of 20,000 hours of use for both models. JVC says that these are also more energy- efficient in comparison to its first- generation Laser Projectors. To be exact, JVC says that these projectors' brightness per effective wattage has improved 1.9 times; meaning they won't need to draw as much power to deliver a bright image.

Dynamic Light Control system

The combination of the latest generation D-ILA chipset and BLU-Escent Laser
Light system are paired with a Dynamic Light Control system which JVC. says will deliver "images that are closer to human perception". With an infinite dynamic contrast ratio and a system that shuts off the light source for pitch-black elements, these JVC Projectors function somewhat similarly to OLED TV's.

Second-Generation 8K/e-shiftX Tech

All Models are using Native 4K content, JVC is also keen on 8K with an enhanced Second - Generation 8K/e-shiftX Tech on Board to reproduce 8K Resolution at 60 Hz via Pixel Shifting. While that isn't wildly exciting to us as 8K content is still extremely sparse, it does mean that these projectors are now capable of receiving 4K / 120Hz signals at the full bandwidth of 48GB, presumably

Source : Page 32 What Hi Fi? June 2024



over HDMI 2.1. JVC will also include a low-latency mode for high frame rate gaming on PS5, Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S and compatible gaming PC's.

All-Glass Lens

Another key aspect of the improved projection system is All-Glass Lens modules for both models. The DLA- NZ900BE. features an 18 - Element, 16-group 100mm all-glass lens and aluminium lens barrel, with wide shift ranges of 100 per cent vertically and 43 per cent horizontally.
For a more 'purist' approach, both models come with Filmmaker Mode

The DLA-NZ8OOBE, on the other hand, has a smaller 17 - Element, 15-group 65 mm All-Glass Lens.

Frame Adapt HDR

JVC is also upgrading its Frame Adapt HDR. system with a new second- generation version. According to JVC it will analyse the maximum brightness of HDR10 content per frame using a proprietary algorithm that will measure and adjust the dynamic range in real- time to achieve "the optimum range for video projection". On the subject of
HDR, both projectors support HDR10+. Filmmaker Mode
Prefer a purist approach with less processing? Filmmaker Mode is also on board for an "as the director intended" approach. This mode will disable frame interpolation and noise reduction in order to produce a "picture quality that is authentic to the filmmaker's vision". At the other end of the spectrum, the new Vivid picture mode reproduces SDR content with a rich, vibrant and crisp picture quality that JVC says is best suited to animated content.

JVC's Cinematic colour filters

Colour also gets a boost via JVC's Cinematic colour filters, which will reportedly deliver a wider colour gamut that's equivalent to DCI-P3 colour and BT.709, which is useful for recreating HDR content with the expanded colour gamut found on 4K Blu-ray Discs. Motion too gets a boost with an updated version of JVC's Clear Motion Drive system. This upgraded system sets out to reduce after images and offer smoother reproduction of 4K and 8K images.
The existing DLA-NZ7BE and DLA-NP5BE will remain as part of the current lineup, while it appears that these models will replace the DLA-NZ9BE and DLA-NZ8BE.
June 2024

 Source : What Hi Fi? Page 33